Kv-5 wot review

 Greetings all tankers great and small!

I recently acquired the KV-5 for the sum of 5,250 gold in the Black Friday sale, and decided to write a guide and review. I realise that this would have been more useful a week ago when the sale was actually on but hey  I'm still making this so that any current owners - or future owners - can benefit. This is my first time writing a review so if you liked it, let me know and chuck us an upvote, and I'll try to do another at some time. Any and all feedback is welcome though. 


Bear in mind that these marks are in relation to other, tier 7-9 heavy tanks, not in comparison to all tanks in the game!


So sit back in your easy chairs, relax, maybe crack open a cold one - and let me take you through armour, firepower and mobility (as well as general gameplay tips), before we use the gavel of tanking law and order, and give the final verdict!



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ARMOUR: 8/10

This tank has a fantastic armour profile - if you know how to use it. And that is a big if. As is typical for its other counterparts on the KV line, it relies on its boxy, thick, angle-able armour to be effective, as opposed to the pike-nose IS series.


However, it does have the small problem of having two rather large cylinders attached to its front. These are your weak spots. Don't be too worried, though - trigger-happy reds will still need at least 180 mm of pen to get through the weakest bits, and at least 200 for a reliable pen when you're angled.


The areas around your gun mantlet (the turret face) are relatively weak too - again, an angry enemy will need 180 mm of pen when shooting it dead on and about 20 more if you're angled up. Your cupola can be penned with 170 mm of pen (but it is tough to hit). All these areas would perhaps be best described as 'troll'. But still... how do you get the armour profile to work if it's got more holes than a wedge of Swiss cheese? 


Sidescrape, sidescrape, SIDESCRAPE! I'll go into more detail in the gameplay section - but let's just say it's ridiculously easy to get your side armour above 300 mm. If you know how to sidescrape, you will make a killing with this thing. 


8/10 overall - it loses one for its weak spots and one for its weak turret face.



Considering that this is a heavy tank weighing almost exactly 100 tonnes, it has decent (maybe even good?) mobility. Of course, it's stil onlyl a 7/10 because your base traverse is a rather lacklustre 21-ish degrees per second (which is still more than the 17 deg/s base value of its rival the KV-4). You aren't going to be blitzing through corners like an F1 car in any case. This tank can, however, hit an impressive 40 km/h, and can break 45 down a hill.


This gives the KV-5 its secret weapon - ramming. Oh. My. God. This thing can ram like a BEAST! Pretty much anything under 100 HP (except maybe a VK 100.01 (P)) is a nearly guaranteed ram kill if you're above 30 km/h, and that's not to be scoffed at!  Against lights and mediums, you can get into the hundreds easily, especially if they're moving. Beware - you're not going to be changing direction anytime soon with 23 deg/s of traverse, so aim early, aim well, swig some vodka and pray to ya boi Stalin for maximum gulag-sending!


7/10 - it would have been a 5, but the good top speed bumps it up by one, and the invaluable ramming ability salvages another mark. Keep in mind this mark is in relation to other heavies! I'm not comparing it to an Ru 251 :D



Now this is an interesting one. You have a choice of two guns (IS-6 owners will experience some déjà vu). Here are the raw, nude numbers:


107 mm Zis-6M (AP/APCR/HE): 320/270/400 damage, 167/219/54 pen, 6.78 round/min, 2169 DPM. 

107 mm Zis-6D (APCR/HEAT/HE): 320/270/400 damage, 219/250/54 pen, 5.35 round/min, 1711 DPM (this gun costs a crippling 100 XP!)


Both have .384 base dispersion; they have 2.78 and 2.74 base aim times respectively (it feels like a more accurate gun on the battlefield though). Both can elevate their guns from -7 to +22 degrees (which is respectable for a Soviet heavy).  In all respects they are pretty much the same, except when it comes penetration and ammo types.


Which should you go for? Well, ask yourself this: can you wait 2.3 seconds for a shot that will actually go in? Think about it. Before buying, I thought I would only run the high RoF Zis-6M; but after actually playing some battles, I now believe the high-pen Zis-6D is the best option.


I personally don't mind the wait since I feel it's not really a DPM-centric tank anyway - side scraping lends itself to more of a peek-a-boom play style. Besides, 167 pen at tier VIII is really just not enough for a heavy, and it's not like you're going to be getting flank shots - you'll be deep in heavy alley, frontally facing down enemy heavies (and some of them could be tier IX... gulp). The low-pen Zis-6M is a great weapon against tier VII and most of tier VIII, but it just doesn't have the pen to deal with heavy tanks. There is also the fact that APCR has a higher shell velocity than AP, so your standard ammo flies faster, allowing you to hit moving targets more accurately. Your HEAT is slower, but still flies 8 m/s quicker than the AP on the Zis-6M. 

This is all my opinion from what I have seen; some people would probably rather have the extra DPM, but I'll take the higher pen weapon.


I am giving firepower a 7/10 because I don't have any major problems with it - on the contrary, I quite like it. Still, damage is a little on the low side for a Soviet heavy, so I'm knocking off one for that. I'll also take two marks for the fact that you have to trade DPM for pen, which isn't quite ideal. All in all, though, the Zis-6M is decent and the 6D is quite good.