T-10 wot review

The T-10, as many others in the Soviet regime, had gone by other names in the past. With nothing more than shady details available, all what is known is the secretive T-10 once went by the name "IS-8". In an attempt to hide its true identity, it had undergone an HD surgery, forged new identification documents and moved into the World of Tanks.


T-10 wot

In this guide, I shall cover all of the various Pros and Cons of the T-10, outline the most optimal ammo / consumable / equipment loadout and give you a general overview of its gameplay style. We'll also take a look into the gun and armor performance. We'll finally wrap up by comparing it to other Tier 9 Heavy Tanks and rating the tank. Let's get started, shall we?



The T-10 gets a rather monstrous 122mm cannon with some quite respectable characteristics.


Below, I've compared the T-10's gun to its direct competitor at Tier 9, the ST-1. On the left is the T-10's cannon, on the right is the ST-1's gun. A blue value is superior, whilst a green value is relatively tied (Within 5% of the other value). (Please note that all values are "stock", prior to any equipment mounting)


Guns:                 T-10 (122mm)           ST-1 (122mm)         

Rate of Fire:         5.09                          (4.70)                      
Aiming time:        2.68                          (3.26)                                  
Accuracy:             .36                            (.36)                                         
DPM:                   2,238.33                   (2,070.03)                
Penetration:         258/340/68             (258/340/68
440/440/530           (440/440/530)         

Shell Velocity:      940/920/940           (940/920/940)      

Soft Stats:           .18/.18/.08              (.25/.25/.20)           

Gun Angles:         -5 / +15                   (-8 / +16)                
Ammo capacity:   30                             (40)                           


The verdict? The T-10's gun is better in almost every way over the ST-1; with a significant advantage in gun handling (And thus, aiming time). Better DPM also does nice things for it.


However, the lack of gun depression is going to be the one very noticeable downside over the ST-1's comfortable 8 degrees. Watch out for the lack of gun depression, and you're a much better armed vehicle.


Armor Layout:


The hull armor feels a lot more like heavy / medium hull than a normal heavy tank. However, if you can hide the lower half of the hull, it does become rather strong indeed.


The hull does have somewhat of a piked nose, so trying to angle the vehicle as you would in other heavy tanks (Such as the E-75), isn't going to be a great idea unless you're hiding the inside half of the pike around a corner.


The tank will struggle to side-scrape normally around corners, due to the pike nose and frontal turret. However, the vehicle does have very nice opportunities to do reverse side-scraping (Same as regular side-scraping, except the tank is pointing in the opposite direction with the rear to cover, rather than the front).


The turret armor is very strong. If you can get into a hull-down position and get the gun firing, you can be extremely effective. However, as a Russian tank, you don't have any gun depression (ST-1 must be an imposter, it with its 8 degrees...).


If you can effectively hull-down, then you will get consistently high amounts of damage blocked by armor on a battle-to-battle basis.


How to play it:


This tank has a fast top speed of 50kph, and with a 750hp engine, you will get to that speed. Make use of it by following mediums or running to a forward position to go hull down and start laying shots into the enemy early on in the battle. The accuracy over range isn't too bad so you can snipe if you have to. However, anything beyond 350-400m and the accuracy will really begin to drop off. 

Once the majority of the enemy team is engaged make use of your speed and initiate flanking attacks on unsuspecting targets. Try for 1v1 encounters that you can win. If you are going up against multiple enemy vehicles, you will want to hang back and let them come to you (and hopefully, into your allies).

If you walk into [quack] creek and are against a tier 10 tank you will want to face hug them if you have no other option. The T10 is a tallish tank and the enemy will (usually) only have your strong turret to shoot at. Between your shots wiggle your turret to reduce the chance of the enemy hitting your cupolas. Once they've fired a round, back up, get a good shot in, and re-enter your face-hug.


Please of course, do be wise, and don't try to face-hug E-100's with AP or JagPanzer E-100's. You will begin to regret your life decisions if you do that. Face-hugging Tier 10 medium tanks, 113's, E5's, etc. will work very well. Face-hugging high caliber guns, will not.

Comparison to same-Tier Heavy Tanks:


HP: Bad. 1,800 HP is only higher than two other Tier 9 heavy tanks, so don't expect to be eating up that many shells.

Armor:  Average. The armor is pretty good, but it's certainly not a super-heavy, and it's always going to have a weakpoint somewhere that can be penetrated.

Mobility: Very Good. The T-10 shares very similar mobility to the WZ-111-14, with slightly better acceleration. Only the AMX 50 120 is truly going to be faster.

DPM: Very Good. The DPM is only lower than that of the Conqueror's, giving you some very scary damage output potential.

Penetration: Best in Class. The AP pen may be 1 single point less than that of the Conqueror, but your HEAT pen is 14mm better; thus you do take the "Best in class" spot.

Alpha damage: Average. 440 alpha damage is quite nice, but it doesn't keep up with the 128mm German cannons, or the WZ-111-14's 130mm cannon. 440 is thus "average".

Aiming SpeedBad. 2.68 second aiming time isn't that bad all things considered, but it's only 4th out of 10 other vehicles. But it's much better than the ST-1 at least.

Gun Handling: Very Good. The T-10's gun handling is right on-par with the WZ-111-14 (Just slightly better on turret traverse), and only falls behind the Conqueror. It's a very reliable cannon with fairly good snap-shotting ability at closer to mid-ranged engagements.

Accuracy: Average. Even though the accuracy, is worse than most other Tier 9 heavies, it's only slightly so in most cases. 0.36 is a very respectable value all things considered.

Shell Velocity: Bad. 940 m/s isn't a bad value, and in fact is average. However, due to the 920m/s HEAT rounds, it falls into the bad category; since there are some other Tier 9 heavies which can use very high velocity APCR rounds as Premium.

View Range: Best in Class. 400m is actually standard for a Tier 9 heavy tank, but since nothing gets more than 400m, it's technically "Best in class". You can spot for yourself!

Camo Value: Very Good. For a Tier 9 heavy tank, your camo values are very good - Only the WZ-111-14 is stealthier. Combine that with a low profile, and it is possible to go un-spotted at longer ranges if you're in a bush. Regardless, it's a heavy tank, and not a 113. Camo isn't going to really matter.

Battle effectiveness: Very Good. The tank is one of the best Tier 9 tanks, and competes very favorably against the other top contenders, such as the Conqueror and WZ-111-14. You can carry battles whilst having a great time!